Doctor Who Confidential (2005)

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Doctor Who Confidential (2005)

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Doctor Who Confidential (2005)

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Specially filmed for BBC Three as a companion piece to Doctor Who, Doctor Who Confidential aims to give a taste of the excitement and the energy that surrounds the show. The programme includes behind-the-scenes filming and interviews with the cast, writers and production team as they bring our favourite Time Lord back to our screens.An abbreviated 15-minute version, concentrating on the production of the new series and without reference to the original show, is also broadcast on BBC Three as Doctor Who Confidential Cutdown.

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		Actores: Russell T. Davies, David Tennant, Steven Moffat
		País: UK
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Re: Doctor Who Confidential (2005)

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¿No han pensado en subtitular las versiones íntegras de 30 minutos?